Nardin Shamleh


I am Nardin Shamleh, a Contimporist Architect, a mother of Jana, a DIY addict, and a BIM specialist. I graduated from Architectural school and devoted myself to the world of interiors. I have been following my dream since high school to own my furniture line and home decor collections.

I gained my bachelor's degree in Architecture in 2014 from German Jordanian University and completed my Master's in BIM Global Management in 2021 from Barcelona University. I have been in this field for the last 8 years, and I have done it in various ways!  I started my career with an engineering consultancy office as a Design Architect and then as a Project Manager in Projects Management Office and finally established a design studio, "Functional Living Art" along with being a Design Manager at CPM (Project-Base).

Every project I take, I design it as if it were my own; I spend on it as if it is my own pocket. I consider myself lucky to bring happiness and coziness to others by doing what I love.


Does your space need a revamp, I am here to guide you through the way.


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